We're Rocking a Pile of Fun in July

(Without breaking the bank!)
Just Thinking

“I am meant to live – not just live a procrastinator’s life.
Not to live life with no goals or motivation.
But to live each day with a purpose.”
– Kelly

What’s New on Kelly & Cindy?
July is going to be hot hot HOT! It's time to celebrate and have fun - without breaking the bank. All month we'll be using the "Three Rules of NOT Buying" to help us keep our cash in the stash and enjoy everything that July is going to bring us.

You are going to want to start with our Magic Meal Planner. Print this fellow out and then plan your meals - using the foods you already own.

Magic Meal Planner

3 Rules of NOT Buying

(And then check our home page to see what mischief we add during the rest of the month....)

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